Courses for foreign students


As the flagship of the Academy, the enhancement courses are designed and structured for students from abroad who wish to deepen their knowledge of Italian musical culture and/or wish to enter higher artistic and musical education. Students enrolled in these courses will have the opportunity to perfect their desired instrument with highly qualified teachers in order to improve their technical and artistic skills. In addition, to guarantee the quality of the project, the Academy operates in agreement and in collaboration with several Italian music institutions, including the “G. Rossini” Conservatory in Pesaro and the “G. Tartini” Conservatory in Trieste


Courses vary in duration from a few months up to 10 months.

Admission requirements

Access is open to all students with a high school diploma or a Bachelor’s degree, subject to online admission (see admission procedures)

Documents to apply for a visa (for non-Schengen countries)
  • Filled visa application form: download it from the consulate website (
  • Your passport, which must be valid until at least 3 months after the expiry date of the requested visa
  • Your reservation or plane ticket
  • A recent passport photo
  • Certificate of residence or a facsimile
  • Certificate of enrolment in the Academy’s music and language courses
  • Copy of the bank transfer of the full tuition fee for the chosen course
  • Course program with the number of hours per month and the start and end dates of the course. By law the course must include 80 hours/month of lessons
  • The document certifying that for the duration of the stay in Italy the student has accommodation available (rental contract or declaration of accommodation), and the availability of the sum necessary for repatriation (the Academy provides help in finding accommodation)
  • Documentation proving that the student can financially support himself: it is necessary to have the availability of an amount of no less than €910 for each month of stay in Italy. The amount can be demonstrated by means of currency, bank or insurance sureties, including those issued by third parties, credit or pre-paid services, bank statements, credit cards.
  • Document certifying the economic availability necessary for possible repatriation.
  • International Health Insurance expressly valid in Italy for urgent medical treatment and hospitalization. f the student is already insured in his/her own country, he/she will have to prove the extension of the insurance coverage to Italy and to the Schengen area states. Otherwise, you will have to take out the appropriate insurance in your country of residence or in Italy. Health insurance is also essential when applying for a residence permit.
The course

The AGM Academy’s enhancement course is divided into individual instrument lessons, group lessons for Italian language certification, group lessons for ensemble or theoretical musical subjects. During the course, concerts, master classes and events will be organized for the enrolled students. At the end of the course, certificates of participation in the course and any language certificates for the examinations taken (CILS, PLIDA, CELI) will be issued.

  • A membership card is required to access the Academy’s courses and services.
  • The association’s board of directors sets the registration fee (which includes the membership card and is non-refundable) and the attendance fee annually.
  • The attendance fee covers all the services of the academy, the use of rooms, the rental of instruments and concert halls, the purchase of materials, the cost of personnel, etc. It does not, however, cover any rent and utility costs (electricity, gas, water).
  • The registration fee and attendance fee must be paid in advance by bank transfer to the following coordinates :


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